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Cory/Coreys in the Revolutionary War

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The book, Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, has several pages of Corys with various spellings.

There are records of the following Corys called to arms for the alarm of 19-Apr-1775 at Concord and Lexington, Mass.

In the following, I have gathered together the many names to try to put the various records to the proper individual.

Cory, Agustus

Corey, Benjamin, Roxbury

Cory, Benjamin

Cory, Benjamin

Cory, Benjamin

Corey, Chambers, Groton

Cory, Daniel

Cory, Daniel

Corey, Ebenezer, Westford/Shewsbury

He may be related to Samuel Corey.

Corey, Ebenezer

Corey, Ebenezer

Corey, Ebenezer, Jr., Roxbury

Corey, Edmund, Boston

Corey, Elisha, Groton

Corey, Elisha, Littleton/Westford

I believe this may be a son of Samuel Corey.

Corey, Ephraim, Stow

Cory, Ephraim, Weston and Corey, (?) Ephraim, Sudbury

Cory, Ephraim

Corey, Ephraim

Corey, Ephraim

Cory, Ephraim

Corey, Ezra, Chelmsford

Corey, Francis, North Shutesbury or Ervingshire

Corey, Isaac, Weston and
Cory, Isaac, Jr., East Sudbury

Cory, Isaac and
Corey, Isaac, Groton

Corey, Jacob, Tewksbury

Cor(e)y, Jacob, Jr., Tewksbury

Corey, John, Stoughtonham

Cory, John, Sturbridge

Cory, John

Corey, Joseph, Waltham, Middlesex, Co.

Cory, Josiah, Berkshire Co.

Cory, Josiah, Jr., Berkshire Co.

Corey, Mathew, Middlesex, Co.

Corey, Nathan, Groton

Cory, Nathan, Dracut

Cory, Noah, Berkshire Co.

Corey, Oliver, Charleston No. 4

Corey, Oliver, Jr. Charleston No. 4

Corey, Oliver

Corey, Oliver, Chelmsford

Corey, Paris "Pers"

Corey, Peleg

Corey, Philip, Stow, Lancaster

Cory, Philip

Cory, Ruben, Hancock

Corey, Samuel, Lancaster

Corey, Samuel, Lancaster

Corey, Samuel, Billerica

Cory, Samuel, Dracut

Cory, Samuel

Corey, Silas, Stow

Cory, Simeon

Corey, Simeon (also Simon)

  • Aug-1778-Fort Clinton
  • Sep-1778-West Point
  • Nov-1778-West Point

Corey, Simeon, Ashburnham

Corey, Stephen, Dartmouth

Corey, Stephen, Lancaster

Corey, Stephen, Petersham/Stow

Corey, Stephen, Chelmsford

Corey, Thomas, Tiverton

Corey, Thomas, Weston

Corey, Timothy, Brookline

Corey, William

Cory, William

Cory, William, Dartmouth

Cory, Zenas, Wilbraham