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Cory/Corey Households From 1850 Census, CT

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New London Co.


Eli Corey 37 mechanic RI
Lucy a Corey 33   CT
Lucy R Corey 12   CT
Charles H Corey 10   CT


Charles C. Cory 40 manufacturer CT
Amy Ann Cory 27   RI
Mary J Cory 17   CT
Amy A Cory 10   CT
Charles C. 6   CT
Sarah G. Cory 4   CT
Harvey(Harry?) Cory 24 merchant CT
Lewis J Wescott(24>   livery stable RI
Hopee Wescott 20   CT


Elias R Cory 30 farmer CT
Franey A Cory 30   CT
Franey E Cory 3   CT
Mary E Cory 1   RI
Dwight Cory 28 farmer 1000 CT
Maria A Cory 20   RI
Susan J Cory 2   CT
Dwight C Cory 1   CT
Roswell Cory 23   CT
boarding with Elisha Preston & family

New London City:

William Corey 33 joiner CT
Carolin Corey 26   CT
William D Corey 5   CT
Caroline S Corey 3   CT
Mary S Corey (1/2)   CT
Joseph R Correy 21 mariner RI
on ship Montezuma in harbor


Julia H Cory 13   CT
living with Ashbel & Almira Holmes
Joseph Corey 50 manufacturer 6000 RI
Apphia Corey 53   RI
Caleb R Corey 22 factory laborer CT
Joseph R Corey 19 factory laborer CT
Susan L Corey 17    
Julia H Corey 13   CT
James A Corey 27 factory laborer CT
Esta E Corey 23   CT
Mary Corey (1/2)   CT
Matilda Emerson 19   CT
Joseph and James A. were next door neighbors probably father and son


Dexter Cory 30 keeper of restaurant CT
Catherine Corey 35 domestic Ireland
in home of George and Emily Poskins
Sophronie Corey 29   CT
William Corey 3   CT
in boarding house of Dorrance and Esther Ladd
with 3 Ladd children and 11 mariners
Anthony Corey 60 laborer Ireland
Mary Ann Corey 45   Ireland
Emeline L Corey 30   CT
in home of George and Martha Fanning
Charles Cory 24 Engineer MA
Lucinda Cory 22   CT


Ezekial Corey 31 Spinner RI
in home of Almira Gould and 8 children

Windham Co.


Joseph Cory 62 400 Prov. RI
Amy B. Cory 51   NH
Daniel 16 400 Brooklyn CT
Anna Darby 30   Prov. RI
Ann Darby 8   Thompson CT
Larned M Cory 24   Thompson
Sarah E Cory 20   Killingly
Emanuel Cory 46 machinist Voluntown CT
Susan C Cory 35   Charlestown NJ
Charles W Cory 18   Griswold CT
William A Cory 16   Griswold Ct
Avery B Cory 12   Voluntown CT
Sarah C Cory 12   NJ
Thomas R Cory 11   Norwich CT
Mary J Cory 7   Norwich CT
John J Cory 5   Norwich CT
Emeline Cory 40 3500 Johnson RI
?Flint 43  farmer 2500 Thompson CT
Sarah Flint 43   Johnson RI
George Flint 18   Oxford  MA
William H Flint 13   Thompson CT


Harvey Wylie 42  farmer 3500 CT
Sally Wylie 53   CT
Albert Cory 11   CT
*Joseph Cory 29 laborer CT?
Sarah Ellen (Watson) Cory 18   RI
Jeffrey Watson 62 farmer 1100 RI
Anne Watson 73   RI
Nehemiah Watson 8   CT
*The birthplace of my great grandfather Joseph given on his marriage registration and the census in all subsequent years was RI.  The middle and maiden names of Sarah were obtained from other sources. Her mother's maiden name was Betsey Wilcox.  It may be significant that Joseph and Jeffrey were next-door neighbors in Voluntown.  My guess is that Joseph was working on the Watson farm and that they both came from the same place in RI.
William Story 79  laborer CT
Daniel B Cory 17  laborer CT
Stephen Story 33  laborer CT
Elizabeth Story 56   CT
John Cory 42 farmer RI
Maria Cory 41   RI
John Cory 22 mariner RI
Albin S Cory 19   NY
Lorra S Cory 17   CT
Paris Cory 10   NY
Lydia E Cory 7   CT
Phebe H Cory 5   CT
Mary J. Cory 1   CT

Eastford Twp

William M Corey 35   CT
Chloe Corey 38   CT
Ellen M Corey 6   CT
Charlotte Corey 4   CT
William M Corey 2   CT


Asa Cory 59   Coventry RI
Polly Cory 56   Cranston RI
Nancy Cory 38   Coventry RI
Betsey Cory 36 1500 Coventry RI
Dexter Cory 29 Laborer Coventry RI
Silas B Corey 26 Laborer Plainfield CT
George A Cory 21 Laborer Plainfield CT


Lydia Cory 33   Coventry RI
boarding with Israel and Mary Ann Simmons shoemaker


Elizabeth Cory 11   CT
on farm of John and Mary Whitmore


David G. Corey 44  farmer  2000 CT
Sophia E. Corey 42   CT
Caroline Corey 15   CT
Edward G. Corey 13   CT
Leonard G. Corey 10   CT
Sarah A Corey 6   CT
Horace Chester 16   CT
M? Sally Mosely 70 1000  
Sarah ?  Mosely 45    
Alexander Mosely 38    
Julia Mosely 32    
Thomas R Mosely 28    
Henry G. Corey 13    
Mosely and Corey families are next door neighbors and probably related by marriage


Sanford Corey 66 farmer 900 CT
Caroline Corey 62   CT
Hannah Tracy 84   CT
Jane Corey 26   CT
Dwight Corey 24   CT
Susan Corey 31   CT
Sarah R Corey 5   CT
Ann B Corey 2   CT
Frank W Corey (3/12)   CT

Tolland Co


William Story 31 mill operator MA
Sarah Story 32   MA
Ann S Story 6   NH
Joseph Corey 27  mill operator RI
Clarissa Corey 25   RI
Ellen Corey 2   MA
Arnold Corey 40 mill operation RI
Eunice Corey 50   CT


James Corey 15   PA
in boarding house run by Lucy Baldwin with 15 young people
William L Corrie 19 machinist CT
in boarding house with 17 machinists


John Lewis 54 laborer 1200 RI
Lynitta Lewis 57   CT
Elizabeth Corey 80   CT


Ammanda Corey 34   CT
boarding with physician      

New Haven Co

New Haven

John M.G. Cory 50 mechanic RI
Emma Cory 48   RI
William H Brown 21 student NY
Wales C Hotchkiss 23 mechanic CT
Fedelia Hotchkiss 22   RI
Franklin Hotchkiss 7   CT
John F Cory 25 sailor 2000 RI
Charlotte Cory 4   CT
Mr. Brunell   carpenter CT
Mary Cory 23   Ireland
living in home of George Blakeslee  broker

Hartford Co

City of Hartford

Michael Corey 35 laborer Ireland
Catherine Corey 30   Ireland
Catherine Corey 11   Ireland
Michael Corey 6   Ireland

Middlesex Co


William Corey 60  carpenter 1600 CT
Lucy Corey 54   CT
Ellen Corey 18   CT
Hannah Corey 16   CT
Adeline Corey 12   CT
Howard Cory 18 sailor RI
Hannah Cory 14   RI
Edward Cory 34 sailor RI
Mary A Cory 26   England
Philip Cory 7   RI
Mary J Cory 6   RI
Edward Cory 1   RI