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Cory/Corey Households From 1850 Census, WI

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Adams County

3rd District

Philip Cory (Cary?) 34 lumberman NY

Columbia County

Fountain Prarie Twp

Thomas Cory (Cary?) 32 farmer England
Note: The two individuals listed above were both listed as "Cory"  on the 1850 Census index, however a careful inspection of the census microfilm indicates "Cary" as the more likely name.

Dodge County


Helen Cory 17   Eng.
residing w Martin Webster, farmer


Elizabeth Cory 52   NY
William F. Cory 28 laborer NY
Samuel Cory 26 farmer 100 NY
Margaret Cory 20   NY
Stephen Cory 18 farmer NY

Beaver Dam

Roswell R. Cory 25 farmer 400 NY
Elizabeth Cory 22   NY
George Cory   7   NY
Edward E. Cory   5   NY
Clark Cory   3   WI
James Cory   1   WI


George C. Corey 22 farmer 250 NY
Lydia A. Corey 16   NY
Benjamin Corey 52 farmer 100 TN
Ruth Corey 48   NY
James Corey 24 farmer 250 NY
Mariette Corey 19   NY
Ambrose Corey 16   NY
Enos Corey 14   NY
John R. Corey 11   TN
Roona Corey   9 f   TN
Stephan Corey   6   TN

Fond Du Lac County


Thomas Corey 28 laborer Ireland


William Corey 27 laborer NY
Stephan Corey 19 laborer NY

Grant County

24th District

Louisa B. Cory 46   VT
Almira Cory 14   MI

Jefferson County


Mary Cory 25   Ireland

Marathon County


M.D. Cory 27 clerk NY
J.G. Corey 22 clerk OH

Racine County

Racine City

Bushnell B. Cory 48 physician and surgeon  5000 VT
Arminda Cory 46   CT
Mary S Cory 20   NY
Anna P. Cory 17   NY
Emma J. Cory 15   WI

Mount Pleasant

Abagail M. Corey 17   NY
Mary E. Cory 13   NY

Rock County


John Cory 33 farmer 3000 NY
Betsey Cory 31   NY
Harry P. Cory 11   NY
Emma Cory   8   NY
Ellen Cory   2   WI


J.D. Cory 31   NY

Walworth County


B.M. Corey 40 farmer 1000 NY
Melissa Corey 31   VT
Charles F. Corey 10   NY
George W. Corey   2   WI

Sugar Creek

Nelson Cory 40 farmer 1000 NY
Salinda J. Cory 40   NY
Frances E. Cory 14   NY
Lavina Cory 11   NY
Abigail Cory   8   NY
Albert W. Cory   3   WI
Emma J. Cory 3/12   WI

Waukesha County


Maria Cory 27   England
residing w H.R. Leech, farmer
Samuel Cory 52 carpenter England
Sarah Cory 53   England
Mary Cory 13   England
Jane Cory 10   England
Samuel Cory Jr 25 carpenter England
Betsey Ann Cory 29   England
Infant Cory 3/12 m   WI