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please indicate Bristol (William of Tiverton) Corys branch of the family.

This web site is a combined effort. Through the help of many people that have contributed information, I am able to present this. I thank them, as I know you will. There are, I am sure, many inaccuracies, mistakes, typing errors, etc. Please send any corrections, additions, comments to me so that I may update this site.

The information is this section is gathered from the database used in the creation of the William Cory Branch in Volume 2 of Corys in America, 2nd Edition by Al B. Cory.

The information has been updated and corrected from the published work.  Most of the corrections have been furnished by the Societies Genealogist, Charlotte Muller.

William of Tiverton

William, resided in Portsmouth, RI. The first record we have of him was, 10 December 1657. He had a grant of 8 acres of land. Ann Roome, his grandmother, was the grantor. 18 May 1658 William was made a freeman. 28 Oct 1662 he let or hired out his now dwelling house, with fenced land, to Peter Folger of Newport, for five years with conditions for improving the farm.  For the most part, the descendants of William have elected to add an "e" to their name.  This has been added at various times.   In the UK, the name is most often spelled Cory.

Further information is need to tie in the William of Tiverton line to their English ancestors.  Currently all we know is that he originated in Bristol, England, but we have been unable to locate any Cory family in that area with the same DNA. Further DNA data is required to make this connection. All male Corys are welcome to participate in our joint DNA project.  Please refer to our DNA page for further information.


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