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John of Roxbury (Ancestry Tree)

The following is from Dr. Joan S. Guilford, a Cory Family Society member, who has spent many years researching this line.

There is a very important correction to Al Cory's Corys of America: Ancestors and Descendants, 1994, Vol. II in which John of Roxbury appears.  The correction is to the section which addresses the descendants of Thomas1 Cory of Chelmsford, MA.  His son John2 who married Elizabeth (surname unknown) is not the John1 who married Mary Griggs of Roxbury as is stated on page 2 of the Thomas section.  Proof of this is found in the fact that John2  (Thomas1) was still married to Elizabeth in 1727 when they jointly made a deed at Chelmsford.  By this time, John1 had eight children born at Roxbury.  One should also note that our John1 had a son John2 while Thomas1's son John was living.  Furthermore, the estate of John1 does not include any of the children born to John2 (Thomas1) although a number of that John's children were living when John1 died.

Dr. Guilford has supplied me with a preliminary copy of her publication about this line, Corey/Cory Miscellany, A Contribution to the Cory Family Society

Currently, the John of Roxbury data is in a separate database that contains John of Roxbury and Philip Corey who was married in Roxbury in 1647).  The John of Roxbury database is published on Ancestry.com as a separate tree.  If and when a connection to the John 1 line is found, the two trees and databases will be merged.

Note: It turns out that two Cory/Corey lines intermarried.  Therefore, you will find some members of the Thomas line in the John of Roxbury line and vis-versa.