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This web site is a combined effort. It is through the help of many people that have contributed information, that we are able to present this. We thank them, as I know you will. There are, I am sure, many inaccuracies, mistakes, typing errors, etc. Please send any corrections, additions, comments to the webmaster so that this site and the Ancestry databases may be updated.

This is a new database and very incomplete. We are only beginning to document the Irish Corrys. Currently the Irish Corry database contains 10 trees.  Many of the trees start in Ulster or Scottland.

Irish Corry Database (Ancestry Trees)

This first Irish Corry we find is John? Corry who was born in Dumfries, Dumfries-shire, Scotland. He may of had three children, John Corry, Sarah Corry, and James Corry. John Corry purchased Castlecoole, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland in 1656 from Henry Gilbert and his wife.

James may have been the brother of John. This is not proven, but they were related, since John leased some land to James in 1662.

The Corry is typically an Irish spelling of the name.  Further information is needed to determine the relationships between the Irish Corrys and the Scottish Corries, further DNA data is required to determine if there is a connection.  All male Corrys and Corries are welcome to participate in our joint DNA project.  Please refer to our DNA page for further information.