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The Cornwall database currently contains three Trees; others will be added as they are identified. Members of these three trees emigrated to the US and Canada.

  1. Nicholas Cory (? - est. 1670)
  2. Henry Cory (1734 - 1816) This family is also know as the Poundstock Corys
  3. Nicholas Corye (1489 - 1551) This Cornwall Cory family originated in Harpole.

These tree families have not been linked and indeed may not be related.

Cornwall Trees (Ancestry Trees)

There is a great deal of information on the Cornwall Corys on the CorySociety.org.uk website. There are two series of trees for Devon and Cornwall: D – H and K published by Michael and Vernon Cory (1995) and, in a series numbered 1-32 by Ida Birch, other trees contributed/researched since that date drawn by Margaret Goffin.

The grand-son of Henry Cory, Willam Richard Cory, followed his sons to Wisconsin in the 1860's. He went by Richard Cory and was born about 1799 in Egloskerry, Cornwall, England.

Richard married Martha Baily on 30 Aug 1825 in Warbstow, Cornwall, England. His name is Richard Cory on English and US records but descendants still living in the 1950s reported his full name as William Richard Cory. Birthplace and estimated birth date are from 1851 Cornwall census. No birth or baptism records have been found and his parents are unknown. He may have had a brother who went to Australia "at an early day." [I believe that William Richard Cory was the grandson of Henry Cory and that is where I placed him in the Cornwall database.]

Their ten children were born in Warbstow Parish and baptized as Bible Christians, with the exception of Jane who was baptized in the Warbstow Parish church.

  1. Jane (Cory) Parnell (1826 - 1889)
  2. Lucy (Cory) Wevill (1828 - 1894)
  3. Ann (Cory) Rundle (1830 - 1866)
  4. John Cory (1832 - 1893)
  5. Richard Cory (1835 - 1914)
  6. James Cory (1837- 1862)
  7. Susan (Cory) Rowe (1840 - 1919)
  8. Thomas Cory (1843 - 1892)
  9. Daniel Richard Cory (1845 - 1926)
  10. Rachel (Cory) Mortier (1848 - 1900)

Originally an agricultural labourer, Richard later worked as a road labourer, and it was then he lost an eye when he was struck by a stone while crushing rock on a highway crew.

It has been said that "John Cory and Mary Ann Rowe came together from England to the home of Aunt Maria Mills, Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin (first of family to come); Richard Cory lived with his son] John Cory when he arrived later…” It is fairly certain that Mary Ann Rowe emigrated in 1855 but no record has been found for her or John Cory.

John Cory married Caroline Mortier on 29 January 1858 in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Caroline’s brother, James, married John’s sister Rachel, in 1867.

John and Caroline had eleven children:

  1.  Frank James Cory (1859 - 1925)
  2. Lillian Jane Cory Simpson (1860 - 1906)
  3. Nettie Cory Pierce (1863 - 1944)
  4. George S Cory (1861 - 1868)
  5. Lewis John Cory (1865 - 1921)
  6. Charles Seldon Cory (1867 - 1949)
  7. Nellie May Cory Strike (1868 - 1953)
  8. William Titus Cory (1871 - 1955)
  9. Katherine Cory Ransom (1876 - 1955)
  10. Lenna Ardelle Cory Eckenrod (1879 - 1962)
  11. Minnie Cory (1880 - 1880)

After a 15-month illness, with Richard by her side, Martha died of phthisis (aka consumption or TB) at their Goads Green home on 16 November 1859.

By 1866, the Cory daughters (except Rachel) were married and settled in Cornwall and the Cory sons (except Daniel and Thomas) were settled in Wisconsin. Richard Cory, son Daniel Cory and grandson Thomas Cory Green (son of Lucy) sailed to Quebec on the "SS Peruvian" (arrival May 1866) and then to the port of Detroit. Their final destination was Palmyra, Wisconsin where many of their Cornish neighbors, friends and family had settled earlier.

Richard eventually lost the sight in his other eye and was totally blind at the time he left for the United States. He moved in with his son John's family in Palmyra and little Georgie Cory led him around. "When Georgie died, Lew took over. Lew was much more mischievous than Georgie and got Grandfather in many difficult situations," said Lenna Cory.