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The information on Isaac of Plainfield was originally part of the William database in Volume 2 of Corys in America, 2nd Edition by Al B. Cory.

Isaac of Plainfield, CT (Ancestry Tree)

The following is from Dr. Joan S. Guilford, a Cory Family Society member, who has spent many years researching this line.

Since we do not know the origins of Isaac Corey of Plainfield, Connecticut, we designate him as the first generation, but it is very likely that he is actually Isaac3 (Isaac2, John1) who was born 1 January 1682/83 at Southampton, Long Island and who is said by Al B. Cory to have died 23 February 1698/99.  In Corys of America, he is located in the family of William2 (William1), but the will of William2 does not mention him despite the fact that this will was written in 1704 and Isaac1 did not die until 1748.  It is rather certain that Isaac1 was born about 1680 to 1685 in view of this marriage in about 1707.

Dr. Guilford has supplied me with a preliminary copy of her publication about this line, Corey/Cory Miscellany, A Contribution to the Cory Family Society

Neither DNA or Long Island connections have established a relationship to the John 1 line.  The Isaac of Plainfield line is currently in a separate database and was removed from the William Cory database. The Isaac of Plainfield database is published on Ancestry.com as a separate tree.  The database contains 6 trees.  Four of these trees contain only 1 or two people that have been identified as residing in Plainfield, but no connection has yet been established. If and when a connection to another line is found, the two trees will be merged and databases will be merged.

All male Corys are welcome to participate in our joint DNA project.  We would really like to get a male member of the Isaac of Plainfield Line to participate. Please refer to our DNA page for further information.