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The John 1 database was created from data used to create Volume 1 of Corys in America, 2nd Edition by Al B. Cory. This data not only includes the descendants of John 1, but many other families that are ancestors to individuals in the book.

John 1 (Ancestry Tree)

The John 1 database is composed of one of the three seperate databases that have been shown to be related to John 1.  Each of the three databases have been publish as separate Ancestry.com Trees.

Eastern Counties of England (Essex, Yorkshire)?

  1. Isaac Corey of Plainfield, Connecticut (John 1 Line?) (Ancestry Tree)

  2. John 1 Cory of Southold, Long Island, New York

    1. John 1 Cory (1611 - 1685)

    2. Joseph C. Corey (est. 1855 - bef. 1900)

    3. Corey (est. 1730 - ?)

    4. John Cory (married 1790)

  3. John Corey of Roxbury, Massachusetts (John 1 line via DNA) (Ancestry Tree)

Just where John 1 came from, in the old world, as of the publication date of the Second Edition of  "Corys Of America", has not been proven satisfactorily or strong enough to say at this time. He may have arrived in America on the Ship Planter. Some of the first researchers of the Cory Genealogy tried to prove that he came from Bramerton Hall near Norwich, England, but DNA has shown this to be false. It is also believed that he came to America about 1637. He may have lived in Salem, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The latest theory is that he was the John Cory that was in Rhode Island and left under strange circumstances.

John Cory is a common name is both the John 1 of Southold line and the William Line. In the past John Corys with similar birth years have been arbitrarily combined. DNA has shown that these too lines are not related.

We believe that John was one of the men who assisted John Youngs on October 21 1640 in the organization of the First (Presbyterian) Church at Southold, LI., New York. John Cory is mentioned as being from Southold and as the Whale Commissioner 7 March 1644.

Where the misconceptions about John and Bramerton Hall came from.

There is a record of a Thomas Cory, born Devonshire, England. We know his father as Thomas Cory born on the 3rd of July 1600 or 1610 in England, (the year 1610 is most likely a closer year of his birth.) It is known that he was married circa 1630 in Devon, England to an unknown wife where they had three sons. From this the following was derived: "William Cory, born circa 1632, Devon, England, died 8th of Feb. 1681/82 Portsmouth, RI. Thomas Cor(e)y, born circa 1634, Devon, England, died 6th of May 1706 Watertown, MA. John Cory, circa. 1636, Devon, England, died in America."   This is all speculation, not based on any source material.  DNA studies, started in 2002, have shown that this is not true and that the three Cory lines are not genetically related.

We know that Thomas Cory, born 3rd of July 1610, England is the same one that is shown born in Devon, England and the same one of same birth date and year as being born in Norwich, Norfolk, England. We know that he had a brother William Cory, born circa 1612, Devon, England or possibly Norwich, Norfolk, England. We also know their father's name was John Cory, born circa 1585, Norwich, Norfolk, England and his wife was Elizabeth [--?--]. We know that his father was Robert (Roger) Cory, born circa 1554, Norwich, Norfolk, England and his wife is unknown. He is most likely of the Bramerton Hall Corys which are most likely related to the Harpole/Northampton Corys.

In many cases, the descendants of John1 have elected to add an "e" to their name.  This has been added at various times.  In the UK, the name is most often spelled Cory.