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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I join the society?
A: Click on the forms tab above and select application. Newsletters are emailed to members.  Please keep your email address updated by using our change of address form.

Q: Where can I find my ancestors?
A: The genealogies on the web site are divided by branches each branch has it's own index and family name pages.

Q: Why does it cost to be a member?
A: Yearly membership is free. 

Q: Who is Giles Cory?
A: Giles Cory(1) was born before 19 Aug 1621 in North Hampton, North Hamptonshire, England. He was baptized on 19 Aug 1621 in St. Sepulcher's Church, Northampton, England. He died on 19 Sep 1692 in Salem, Essex Co, MA. Giles was the son of Giles and Epzabeth Cory. His birth recorded, parish of St. Sepulchre.  Visit the Giles Cory branch page for more information.  Visit the Articles Page for a history of the Salem Witch Trials.

Q: What is the best place to post questions?
A: There are two places to post inquires on the GenForum web site:

Q: When is the next Cory Family Society meeting?
A: Information our all of our Society meetings and Family Reunions my be found on our Biannual Meetings Page.

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