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This web site is a combined effort. Through the help of many people that have contributed information, I am able to present this. I thank them, as I know you will. There are, I am sure, many inaccuracies, mistakes, typing errors, etc. Please send any corrections, additions, comments to me so that I may update this site.


The Cory families in America sprang from several men who were among the earliest settlers. Among these were: Giles, John of Southold, John of Roxbury, William, and Thomas. DNA analysis has shown, for the most part, they were not related. A second wave of Cory families came from Ireland and England during the Irish immigration from 1830 to 1880.  Several members of these first Cory families in America have been identified, ether via DNA and/or parish records, as to their English origins.

DNA analysis is an excellent first step in determining which branch to research.  Further information may be found on our joint DNA project page.

The English Corys are covered in depth in several publications and research papers of the Cory Society in the UK. The monumental work of Michael and Vernon Cory in The English Corys, published by the Cory Society and available on their website, gives a complete overview of the various Cory families found in England, Scotland, Wales, and their descendants in the Americas and Australia.  They also have several other publications and white papers that update and expand upon The English Corys.

Genealogies of each of the branches will be published on this web site as time permits.  As new information (additions, corrections, changes) is provided, the societies databases are updated.  Please contact the webmaster for latest updates.

The following Genealogies are named after their English origins.  As far as the relationship of the various branches, DNA analysis has shown that there is no generic relationship between the branches. The various families have migrated from various parts of the county (both US, Canada, and the UK) into the same areas and even inter married. I refer you to The English Corys by Michael and Vernon Cory for a discussion of the various migrations.

The genealogies may be found in two places.  The first place is on this website.  These files are updated periodically, about once a year.  The second place in on  They have been placed in a public viewable locations.  Links to both these locations my be found below.