National Cory Family Reunion 1989

Westfield, New Jersey

Family members came from across the Country to attend the 1st annual National Cory Reunion held in Westfield, New Jersey on June 9, 10 and 11. Twenty-eight members, from as far away as California and Washington State, were represented at the Reunion.

The Holiday Inn at Springfield, New Jersey was the headquarter for the reunion and everyone started gathering in the Hotel lobby early Friday afternoon. For most, it was a chance to share family history or to just get acquainted.

At 9:00 on Saturday morning, we all boarded our bus and preceded to the Miller-Cory House. Irene Hekeler met us there and ushered us to a lecture room where she welcomed the Cory Family and introduced Dr. Homer Hall, who critiqued the early history of the Cory Family in Cranford and Westfield. He also brought artifacts from the home built by John Cory III. Later, the volunteers of the Miller-Cory House gave us all a tour of the grounds and home and presented us with a wonderful lunch. Herb Hailsey then traveled with us to the Westfield Presbyterian Church Cemetery to show us many old Cory tombstones. Helen Mercier acted as our guide as we traveled to the New Providence Historical Society and to the second house built by Elnathan Cory in New Providence.

Sunday morning we awoke early to travel to the New Providence Presbyterian Church for 9:00 worship services. During the service, the Minister recognized the Cory Family and the history of the family within the church. After the service were were given a tour of the churchyard and the first home built by Elnathan Cory, which is now owned by Dorothy Mason, At 1:00. everyone gathered for a family banquet at the Hotel and a short family meeting followed. Linda Anderson of Baden, Pa. was elected Secretary of the Society. We stressed the need for everyone to send their pedigree and family group sheets to our editor, Al Cory, to be put into his computer. We asked everyone to donate any Cory research book or material not needed by the member to the Society through Helen Chilson. We hope in the future to be able to enact a book loan policy to all our members. As a Society, we will begin to purchase Cory research books and material also. It was announced that next year's reunion will be in Chicago, hosted by Rev. Jack Cory. After the meeting, everyone wished a fond farewell to all newly discovered cousins with the hope of meeting again at another reunion.