2nd Annual Cory Family Reunion 1990

Chicago, Illinois

The second Annual National CORY Family Reunion was held in Chicago, Illinois June 22 through the 24th 1990. Some 36 Family members gathered to renew old acquaintance make new friends, share information and have some good fun and fellowship together. The Cory"s that were there were from many different lines starting with John I, William and Samuel. We are still looking for some of Giles Cory's ancestors.

Our Speaker Mr. Vernon Cory a member of pthe National Cory Family Society from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. Vernon gave two lectures "The Cory's in England and Wales in History," and "The Migration of the Cory's to America". These lectures were excellent, informing and assisted in the understanding of English origins of the Cory Family. Vernon pointed out that is was the west Country Cory's who were probably the earliest settlement of Cory's living at the Manor of Chori, about 12 miles North of Lauceston Cornwall England mentioned in the Doomsday Book Commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1086. two centuries later, the Village of Chori had become Great Cory, with satellites such as West Cory, Little Cory and East Cory. All were very small Hamlets, with the Parish in Boyton. It is from one of these settlements that Robert Corie who in the 13th century left West country and traveled to settle in the East, at Norwich Norfolk, England. It was here that the Cory's established a Dynasty, including the Homestead mansion in Bramerton. It is likely from somewhere in this East dynasty of Cory came John l who came to America and settled in Southold Long Island New York But we have no factual dates or evidence that he came from Bramerton. About the same time, other Cory's came to America, they were William who settled Rhode Island, Thomas who settled in Chelmsford Mass, Giles who settled at Salem Mass. All of these Cory's are traceable around 1640. Most of the Cory, Corey, Coray and some of the Corry's living in America can trace their heritage and lineage back to one of these four. There were many Cory families who came later, even after the revolutionary war and on into the 19th Century from the West country of England. Many of the West country Cory's settled in Launceston, and one Cory was even Mayor. Vernon and his colleague Michael Cory from Dorset will be active researching England for us.

In addition to the two fascinating lectures by Vernon we all took a ride and tour of Chicago, had lunch downtown and rode the express elevator to the 94th floor of the Hancock Building for a birds eye view of Chicago. Sunday we assembled at the United Methodist Church where our very dear cousin Jack is the pastor, he gave a very inspiring sermon. Our annual meeting and banquet was held at the Holiday Inn at Mattison a hamlet south of Chicago. Helen Cory Mercier and Edna Snell were Honored for their vast amount of work and devotion over the years of compiling Cory history. They were given Life Membership in the National Cory Family Society.

The locations for the 1991 and 1992 reunions were voted on and approved at the 1990 meeting in Chicago. The 1991 reunion will be held in Beaver Co Pennsylvania. (That is near Pittsburgh). Many of the John line settled there. The Cory's left a big mark in Pennsylvania, come to the next meeting to further your education of the Cory Family's. the 1992 reunion will be held at Salem Massachusetts. This reunion will coincide with the 300th anniversary of the Salem witch trials. One of our very own, Giles was pressed to death for not admitting he was a witch after being accused. His wife Martha was one of the women that was hanged.