National Cory Family Reunion 1991

Bever Country, Pa

The 1991 National CORY Family Society Reunion, was a huge success as we all gathered in Beaver County Pa, August 9, 10 and 11th, to renew our family ties. Many thanks goes out to H. Marge Chilson, Larry Mahon, Ruth Sanders and Barbara McCowia who made the weekend possible through their many hours of preparation. The reunion began on Friday afternoon as all the cousins began to gather and visit in the Cory hospitality room to renew or make new friendships.

Saturday Morning came early as we loaded in the bus for a day of genealogy, history and sightseeing. Our first stop was Boon Valley Inn, where Larry Mahon presented us with coffee, doughnuts, rolls and a slide presentation on local Cory history. It was then off to the farm presently owned by Dr and Mrs DeJesus, that was the original farm of Elnathan Cory in late 10 and early 1800s. We were given a tour of the "brick house", built by Elnathan's son John in 1824. From there we went to Darlington and to the famous and to the Greersburg Academy to view Cory family memorabilia. On display was the famous "Crate Book", the Cory Bell, early Cory letters, research, land deeds, etc.. Our next stop was the Wilson Cemetery, where Elnathan and his wife Sarah Walker Cory are buried, as well as many of their descendants.

After a well deserved stop for lunch at the Enon Valley Inn we traveled to the Little Beaver Cemetery where George Washington Cory and other family members are buried. From there the gang visited an Amish cheese factory and a gift shop. We then were guest at Honey Creek Farms, a restored farm house and farm where we were given a tour of the house,"1800 era". Wonderful refreshments followed the tour. Our next stop was the Little Historical museum in Darlington. We were shown artifacts of the local area, an area that was settled long ago by Elnathan and his many descendants.

When the bus returned us to our reunion headquarters, The Beaver Falls Holiday Inn, we were ready for a little R an R. However that didn't stop many cousins from organizing a bridge game and to gather and visit in the hospitality room that evening.

Next morning a few brave souls gathered in front of the Holiday Inn to be taken to the Darlington Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church for services. The Mt Pleasant Church was founded in 1797. Elnathan Cory was listed as being on the board of trustees in the early days of the Church. The Cory group was recognized by the minister during the service as being an early founding family of the Church. After returning to the hotel little time was left before we were to gather for our banquet and business meeting, which was held in the Beaver Falls Holiday Inn.

First order of business was calling the meeting to order with the "Cory Bell", rung by local reunion president, Bill Cory. After the minutes were read and the officer's reports were finished we were reminded that the 1992 National Cory Family Reunion will be held in Salem, Massachusetts, August 8,9 and 10th 1992. The reunion will be hosted by Helen Mercier and her niece Helen Westergard. The 1993 Reunion will be held in Rhode Island and will concentrate on the William line.

Beginning in 1992, the Cory News letter will be issued in February, May, August and November. The Society has agreed to adopt a Family Crest as our Society Logo. However it was not agreed upon which crest to use. Therefore a committee of three was appointed to research all possibilities and report back to the next family meeting in Salem with a recommendation. If anyone has information concerning any Cory Family Crest please send this information to me so I may distribute it to the committee.

The Cory Family Service Award was given to the memory of Harry Harmon Gory, author of "The Cory Family". His daughter, Joan Cory French and niece, Dorothy Rout were there to accept the Award.

fter adjournment of the business meeting, we were shown a slide presentation by Charles and Dorothy Rout, giving us a wonderful tour of the Bremerton Hall area in England. After our Traditional group picture we said our sad farewells but promised to meet again next year to strengthen family ties. I want to extend a special thank-you to Mae Vickory and Bill Cory the Present custodians of the "Great Hooke" for allowing us to view the Hooke during our reunion stay. This book of old truly gives us a special passage to our past. Forti Tene Manu