Cory Family Reunion 1995

Launceston, Cornwall, England

The 6th annual Cory Family Society Reunion, held in Launceston, Cornwall, England, the weekend of May 12, 13 and 14th.1995. The reunion was hosted by our cousins in the English Cory Society, led by our long time friend, Vernon Cory. It was a special time to meet many of your English cousins.

On Friday afternoon every one gathered at our reunion headquarters, the White Hart Hotel, located in the heart of Launceston on the town square. We had a chance to meet with old friends and introduce our selves to new found cousins. Many family stories were retold over a pint or two in the hotel pub!!

Saturday we awoke to a beautiful day. Our bus was waiting at 09:00 in front of the White Hart to take us on our adventure. First stop was Great Cory. Over the centuries the name was corrupted to West Curry. In the Doomsday book of 1086, commissioned by William the conqueror, this farming community was called "Great Cory". The current owner, Mr. Gill, gave us a wonderful tour of the farm area. We then traveled on and passed through the villages of Hosworthy, Chilsworthy and Pyworthy, the ancestral home of our own Rev. Jack Cory. Our next stop would be in West Putford and "Cory Barton". This old home is where a branch of the Cory family lived for many centuries. A branch from this group migrated to South Wales and established a large enterprise. We were to walk the ancient grounds and imagine the many Corys who passed before us here. We travelled then to the northeast Cornish Parish Morwenstow, where the eccentric Robert S. Hawker was vicar in the mid 19th Century. We visited the parish church overlooking the sea and saw a few graves of the Cory's buried within its walls. Our tour here was temporarily halted as our bus sprang a fuel leak.. Not to worry!! The Corys found a tea shop to enjoy some scones, clotted cream and had afternoon tea, while a new bus was called.

After lunch in Bude it was off to Penfound Manor, the oldest continual manor house in England today. Penfound Manor dates back to the year 950. It was the home of the Penfound family. The Penfounds were intermarried with the• Cory Family many centuries ago. The present owner of the manor gave us a magnificent tour of the house and grounds. Our youngest Cory in attendance, Adam Hester, was even put in the stocks!! but with the help of our very own barrister Carl Withers he was set free. With a brief stop at Week St. Mary we returned to the White Hart Hotel in Launceston after a full day of touring.

Sunday morning found most of the Cory contingent off for church services at the parish church of St. Mary Magdalelene in Launceston. It was a lovely service. The Rev. Tim Newcombe acknowledged and welcomed the Cory Family.

At 1:00 o'clock we began our banquet and business meeting. Special guest were Percival Cory, a local Cory researcher, Deputy Mayor of Launceston, and guests speaker Miss Joan Rendell, who spoke on "Launceston, Some Pages in History". The Deputy Mayor of Launceston presented the Cory Family Society with an exact replica of the Seal of the city. This will be given to our Historian/Genealogist for preservation!! After a short business meeting the reunion was called a Success and adjourned. The Reunion would not have been possible with out the Help of Vernon Cory, Michael R. Cory, Patrick Cory, Colin Cory and the entire English Cory Society.

The 1995 CORY Family Service award has been awarded to Vernon Cory and Michael R Cory in deep appreciation for their untiring management and labors in making our reunion a huge success. This award also gives them a life time membership in the Cory Family Society, (USA). Congratulations from the membership.