Cory Family Reunion 1997

Best Western Inn
Durango, Colorado


Day long guided bus tour of the Anasazi archeological sites at Mesa Verde National Park. Box lunch & gratuity included.

Leaving the Inn at 8:15 A.M. Friday, August 14th our tour bus traveled the sixty miles to the Mesa Verde National Park and the first stop, the Spruce Tree House. A short walk found us on an escarpment looking across a wide canyon at the awesome sight of a large cave containing the ruins of the cliff dwelling Anasazi. We were able to hike down a trail that snaked down and around until we reached the ruin itself.

The rooms were built of sandstone blocks and adobe mortar until they filled the cave from floor to ceiling and in some places were three stories high. The cave dwellings provided protection from summer heat, winter cold and from enemy attacks. Rooms were excavated under the plaza floor with access by ladder through a hole. Other circular rooms called kivas built partially underground with roofs constructed of logs, brush and covered with adobe which were used by men only. Access to the bottom of the canyons or up to the flat mesas on top was by ladders, ropes or toe holds cut into the canyon walls.

The Anasazi or Basket Weavers moved into the four corners area (where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah join) about two thousand years ago and then mysteriously disappeared some seven hundred years ago. Beginning as hunter gatherers they evolved into an agricultural people raising maize (corn), squash, beans and cotton on the mesa tops.

After a picnic lunch we visited the small Museum before our bus drove us to another site where we again clambered down and around the canyon to the largest of the ruins called Cliff Palace. Standing on the open plaza we could look across the canyon to see numerous cave ruins along the opposite side. We climbed out of the canyon mainly up a series of primitive wooden ladders and were glad that our hosts, Art and Vera Corey had thoughtfully provided a jug of cool, clean water to quench our thirst. The bus trip down the mountain back to the Durango Inn gave everyone time to reflect on the amazing lifestyle of the mysterious Anasazi.


Board the 8:30 Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Train, arrive Silverton 11:55 A.M. Depart Silverton 2:00 P.M. arriving back at Durango 5:25 P.M. Lunch not included.

On Saturday, August 16 we were again up early as we boarded the 8:30am historic Durango to Silverton train, built more than a hundred years ago. More than happy to leave the huffing and puffing to the steam engine we began our forty eight mile trip to Silverton. Following the Animas River we traveled through the valley before starting the ascent of nearly three thousand feet to an altitude of almost nine thousand feet through spectacular towering mountains, narrow gorges, lovely green meadows and along the furiously rushing white waters of, the Animas River before easing into the train station in the former mining town of Silverton just in time for lunch. The town of Silverton and its old buildings are being restored to reflect it's history but now cater to the tourist trade.

After lunch and a walk around town, four blasts from the train whistles called us back to board for our return trip to Durango. This narrow gauge railroad from Durango to Silverton was completed in 1882 to serve the mining industry as gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc were mined there until 1981. The railroad then began to lovingly and meticulously restore the old engines and cars to their original condition before opening as a passenger service in 1992.

SUNDAY, AUG 17 at 1:00 P.M. Banquet and Annual Meeting

Dinner served buffet style. The menu included salad, sauted Chicken breast with walnuts or pork tenderloin roasted with herbs, rice pilaf, vegetable medley, cake & coffee or tea.

Dorothy Rout presented a motion for a change in the Cory Family Society Constitution by-laws. Move that "The immediate past President shall become a member of the Executive Committee". Motion seconded by Galen Moore. Passed. We have had numerous requests to provide a membership list for our members. It was voted to compile such a list and make it available to members only.

Following our Sunday banquet, Dr. Arthur Corey presented an informative color slide show with concise review meeting, we adjourned until our next reunion in 1998.