Annual Meeting -- 2006

October 19-22, 2006
Washington, DC

Hilton Hotels

Hilton Arlington

950 North Stafford Street,
Arlington, Virginia, 22203
Tel: +1-703-528-6000
Fax: +1-703-812-5127

Meeting Code: CFS


Hilton ArlingtonWashington, DC is among the most expensive places in the USA to obtain accommodations. However, it has the advantage that many sites of interest to our group are within easy and inexpensive public transport on the Metro. The Metro took us to all the sites in the district we wanted to visit, quickly and comfortably. The Hilton provided us with rooms for $129.00 per day, and there was no need for us to reserve buses. Our Society took care of any necessary deposits so that we did not have to collect money from our members in advance of the meeting. Members did have to make their own arrangements for hotel accommodations and transport to the meeting site as usual.
Metro RailOther than the dinner before our business meeting, members arranged for their own meals. The Hilton has its own dining place, but it is also connected by a skywalk to a mall where there are other places to eat. The Hilton Arlington is also connected to the Ballston-MU Metro, and we was able to reach our transportation by taking an elevator from our rooms down to the Metro. The hotel is easily reached from the Reagan National Airport, because the Metro passes through that airport as well as the Hotel-Arlington. Visitors who arrived at Reagan National Airport did not need a bus or taxi --- we just board the Metro at the airport and get off at the Hotel Arlington, several stops and one transfer later.

Ballston Map

Because the District has so many attractions, we decided to experiment with a somewhat less structured and shorter official program than usual in an attempt to accommodate the diverse interest of our members. We reserved Friday morning for touring the DC area. On Friday evening we showed a video, The Crucible, at the hotel. The video, based on a play by Arthur Miller, loosely depicts events leading to the Salem Witch trials and the subsequent imprisonment and execution of people, including Giles and Martha Cory, in1693.
Image of Potomac SpiritOn Saturday, we arranged a boat trip on the Potomac River to Mt. Vernon, colonial home of George Washington. Mt. Vernon is about 10 miles downstream from docks in Alexandria where we boarded a glass-enclosed tour boat.
We had a luncheon at noon on Sunday. Our general meeting followed the luncheon, and we said our good byes.
DAR LibraryNational ArchivesAlthough our official meeting was shorter by one day, some of our members did remain in the District area longer to take in a variety of attractions. Some wanted to conduct research at the National Archives or the famous DAR library.  Others were interested in the recently completed museum that presents the history and culture of numerous Native American tribes.

Annual Meeting Agenda
October 22, 2006

  1. Introduction of Members
  2. Thank You to our hosts - Steven and Kathy Zwobot and Art Corey
  3. Appointment of a Secretary for the meeting
  4. Reading of Minutes
  5. Treasurer's Report - Jim Corey
  6. DNA Research Report - Art Corey
  7. Website and Database Report - Earl Cory
  8. Officer's Open Postions
    1. Genealogist
    2. Secretary
  9. Newsletter Update
  10. Membership Report
  11. Report form our English Friends - Cory Society
  12. Location and date for next Cory Family Reunion
    1. San Francisco
    2. Yellowstone
    3. New Brunswick
  13. Approval for expensing of the meeting
  14. Adjournment