Annual  Meeting --- 2008

September 24th - 28th, 2008 (Wednesday - Sunday)
Fredericton Inn
1315 Regent Street, Fredericton E3C 1A1

Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick, has major hotels, good highway access and is more or less central to much of New Brunswick. It also contains the provincial archives. The Fredericton Airport is nearby.

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2008 Attendees

Websites of interest:
Fredericton City
Fredericton tourism site
Official Tourism website for New Brunswick
Government of New Brunswick Site (Click on Travel and Tourism)

Events and Itinerary
September 24th, 2008
Detailed Version

Wednesday Evening: Arrival and Check in – Fredericton Inn

There will be a “Welcome Room” set up off the Main Lobby of the Hotel. You can pick up your itineraries and information packets here. “Welcome Bag”

Town HallSeptember 25th, 2008
Thursday: Meet the City of Fredericton

8:45 am – Meet in the Hotel Lobby
9:00 am – 11:00am Guided City Tour of Downtown Fredericton
11:00 am – Downtown Fredericton
12:30 pm – Beaverbrook Art Gallery (Fee $)
3:00 – 4:30 pm – Meet at the Government Legislature Assembly of New Brunswick
4:45 pm - Reservation at “Montana” Restaurant
6:30 pm – Special Guest Speaker at the Fredericton Inn, Judson Corey

September 26th, 2008
Friday: The Scenic River Valley

Bridge8:45 am – Meet in the Hotel Lobby and load bus
9:45 am - Arrive at King’s Landing Historical Site
1:00 pm - Depart King’s Landing historical Site. Drive up the Saint John River Valley
2:15pm – Arrive in Hartland (Covered Bridge Park)
4:00 pm – Hartland Town Hall (Special Carleton County Home Style Supper)
6:30 pm – Leave Hartland and travel back to Fredericton
8:00 pm – Arrive at Fredericton Inn

September 27th, 2008
Saturday: A day on Your Own
September 28th, 2008
Sunday: Brunch at the Hotel followed by annual meeting

11:30 am – Brunch
1:00 pm – Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Agenda
September 28, 2008

  1. Introduction of Members
  2. Thank You to our hosts - Beth Corey - McCready
  3. Reading of Minutes -
  4. Officers - New Secretary
  5. Treasurer's Report - Jim Corey
  6. Genealogy Report - Thomas Corey
  7. DNA Research Report - Thomas Corey
  8. Website and Database Report - Earl Cory
  9. Location and date for next Cory Family Reunion - Ohio, Western PA 100th Reunion
  10. Approval for expensing of the meeting
  11. Adjournment