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Scottish Corries

A web site for the Cory, Corey, Corrie, Corry, Coray, Corie... Families

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please indicate Scottish Corries branch of the family.

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This web site is a combined effort. Through the help of many people that have contributed information, I am able to present this. I thank them, as I know you will. There are, I am sure, many inaccuracies, mistakes, typing errors, etc. Please send any corrections, additions, comments to me so that I may update this site.

In Scotland, Civil Registration began on 1 Jan 1855 and Cory entries from these records are being extracted. GRO(S) were made available at was closed on 16th March 2015. All records previously available at Origins are now available at Findmypast.

For a good overview of the Scottish Corries, see Chapter 17 of The English Corys by Michael and Vernon Cory.

DNA analysis is an excellent first step in determining which branch to research.  In order to correctly identify the relationships between the various Cory families, it is necessary to establish a DNA bases for the families. Currently we have not had any Cory males from either Ireland or Scotland volunteer to participate in this project.  The Cory Society welcomes all Cory families to be become members of the society and help in unraveling the Corrie, Cory, Corie, Corry, etc relationships, if any. Further information may be found on our joint DNA project page.