The English Corys

The English Corys are covered in depth in several publications and research papers of the Cory Society in the UK. The monumental work of Michael and Vernon Cory in The English Corys, published by the Cory Society and available on their website, gives a complete overview of the various Cory families found in England, Scotland, Wales, and their descendants in the Americas, South  Africa, Australia and New Zealand. They also have several other publications and white papers that update and expand upon The English Corys.

The following is a partial list of publications available from The Cory Society, visit their website for further information on obtaining copies, joining The Cory Society, or contributing to their research.  Further, The Cory Society is actively seeking DNA samples from the various Cory families in the UK in order to trace the relationships and migrations of the various Cory family.  Of particular interest are the Norfolk, Scottish, and Irish Cory families.

The English Corys - Their History and Distribution
by Michael & Vernon Cory

The following list of chapters from the book of The English Corys is included in this section because it covers so many areas and topics giving a wonderful picture of Cory lives and of course all Cory family historians will be interested in the pedigree tables in Appendix A.

Chapter 1. Sources of Cory History
Chapter 2. The Western Origin of the Corys
Chapter 3. The Cory Name
Chapter 4. The Spread of Corys in Cornwall and Devon
Chapter 5. The Cory Dispersal beyond the South West
Chapter 6. The West Corys
Chapter 7. The North Cornwall/North Devon - West Putford Corys
Chapter 8. The North Cornwall/North Devon - Stratton Corys
Chapter 9. The North Cornwall/North Devon - Poundstock Corys
Chapter 10. The Civil War and the North Cornwall Corys
Chapter 11. The Whalesborough Corys
Chapter 12. The Corys and the Bible Christian Connextion
Chapter 13. The Norfolk Corys
Chapter 14. The London Corys
Chapter 15. The Northamptonshire and Midland Corys
Chapter 16. The Bristol Corys
Chapter 17. The Scottish Corries
Chapter 18. The American Corys
Chapter 19. The Australian Corys
Chapter 20. Cory Heraldry and Photographs
Appendix A. Pedigree tables
Appendix B. Index of Individuals in the Pedigree Tables and General Index.

Family Histories & Pedigrees

The Castlet Descendants Chart from Arthur Cory Dr Bill Cory
Cory Families of South Africa 1998 by Pamela M Barnes
Chapter 3 After the Immigration of Wm & Sarah Cory to South Africa in 1820 by D D Hall
Memorandum of the Cory Family by Ellen Cory 1885 by Malcolm & M S Cory
The Corey/Cory Families of New Brunswick, Canada by Stanley Corey
The Cory Pedigree, East Anglian Branch by Richard Henry Cory
The Corys of America compiled by Al Bertus Cory
The Family Tree of Thomas & Jane Cory of Caudworth, North Petherwin by Percy Thomas Cory
The Norfolk Corys - The Pedigree Tables Updated by Michael Robert Cory
The Pedigree of the Family of Cory of Norfolk by Peter le Neve & Mr Woolmer 1754
The Pedigree of the Family of Cory of Norfolk by Robert Cory FSA 1822
The Pedigree of the Cory-Wright Family (1767 to date) Burke's Peerage & Baronetage
The Pyworthy Line Extension by John Mc Clure (on floppy disc )

Research Papers

No. 4 The North Cornwall Corys
No. 40 William Johnson Cory, Poet and Scholar
No. 59 The Bible Christians
No. 60 The Pendarves Family and Camborne
No. 61 The Corys of Launceston
No. 63 South African Corys (Sir George Cory)
No. 66 The Chichester- Cory Connection
No. 67 Thomas Cory, Chief Protonotary
No. 69 The "Grate Booke" and the John 1st Enigma
No. 70 "Indian Love" by Laurence Hope (Adela F.Cory)