Cory Family Society DNA Project
Initiated by Dr. Arthur Corey in 2002

Dr. Arthur Thomas CoreyA project was undertaken in 2002 by the Cory Family Society to determine the genetic relationships between the three main Cory/Corey family lines in North America by analyzing Y-chromosome markers. Specifically, we wished to learn whether or not the progenitors: William of Portsmouth, John of Long Island, and Thomas of Chelmsford had a common ancestor. Each had arrived in America during the period 1635-1645. The Society had previously found circumstantial evidence indicating that John was likely the father of William, but we had no documentary evidence in regard to the genetic connection of either John or William with Thomas.

Over the years we have gathered Y-DNA samples from several of our members.  Thomas Corey, our genealogist, took over the role of Project Coordinator when Dr. Arthur Corey retired.  The results of the testing may be found on the Family Tree DNA website under the Cory/Corey Project.

The links to the left will take you a tutorial on DNA Basics as well as the DNA Project reports that have been presented to the society over the past years.  In addition, Honest Product Reviews has published a report comparing the various DNA services available for people using DNA in their research.  The society currently recommends FamilyTreeDNA Y67 for doing y-DNA testing.