Minutes of the
Cory Family Society Meeting
Sunday August 27, 2000


Marge Chilson Fred and Berneice Corey Galen Moore
Arthur and Vera Corey John H. Corey Charlotte Muller
Carolyn Corey Marjorie Corey Fenili Ruth Sanders
Claude and Phyllis Cory Ken and Diana Maye Electra Wheeler
Earl Cory

Art Corey, interim President, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.


    Minutes of the last meeting in California, 1998, were read and approved.


    Art gave Maxine Hester's financial report. There is $2,680 presently in the checking account. He hopes that we can send her $200 back, so that approximately $2800 will be in the account. Galen was fronted $700 for this meeting.

    Two years ago, June 28,1998 there was $2940 in the account.

    Discussion on membership: Currently there are 121 American and 8 foreign members. There are approximately 130 paying members. Charlotte said that lifetime members receive complimentary (free) issues. Art added that 30 libraries also receive free issues. He sends 190 out which costs $170 every mailing. A suggestion was made to raise membership dues to get ahead financially.


    Art proposed that we add one more sentence to article #4 of the constitution which reads as follows: "The Executive Committee will consist of all elected and appointed officers and the past President." Charlotte Muller moved for approval of this constitutional change. Voted passed unanimously. (3/4 votes required).

    Discussion opened concerning the By-laws. At present, position #6 of Genealogist and #7 of Historian are two separate jobs. Proposal that this should be changed to one position, adding that duties should have an emphasis on disseminating information to membership at large through the Webmaster, as reflected in the By-Laws. Galen Moore moved for approval. Charlotte seconded. (Majority vote needed to pass.)

    Charlotte moved that the genealogist maintain the archives as part of the duty. Vera seconded the motion. Passed.

    The By-laws should remove specific mention of annual dues at $10 in case we might want to raise them to support the web site. Motion for approval. No discussion. Motion by Galen Moore. Seconded by Charlotte. Passed.
    (NOTE: my copy of the by-laws has no specific $$ mentioned for dues)

    Art agreed to date the Constitution and By-Laws in the future. Passed.


    Discussion of this issue was in the last newsletter. The logo adopted in Salt Lake City was used for 1 year in 1994 until Al Bertus Cory's logo came back mysteriously! Move to vote on returning to the former logo. Charlotte Muller moved that the 1994 Salt Lake City logo be reinstated. Seconded by Carolyn Corey.

    Discussion. This logo is the Bremerton logo with two Cory spellings. Earl proposed that we drop this logo completely, develop an entirely new one, and vote against this motion. Galen suggests that we consult the Corys in England. Charlotte said that Kathleen Cory, a descendant of the Bremerton Corys, objects due to the family tradition and Scottish heraldry behind the Bremerton logo. Art agreed with Earl that we should come up with a new one. Phyllis wants a new American one, maybe incorporating ships. Marge Chilson asked, "Why copy an English logo when we are Americans?" Fred stated he was also against the motion. Formal vote. All disapproved the motion.

    New motion-Earl suggested that the membership be asked through the newsletter for ideas for a new logo, which would go to the executive committee for final design approval. Vote passed by majority.


    Art stated that meetings need not be more specific than in the Articles of Constitution and need not be annual. Galen moved to specify an annual meeting. Earl moved not to make the change. Majority vote passed that an annual meeting be specified in the constitution.


    Move to vote approval Dorothy Rout's suggestion to meet in Ohio for the next meeting. Charlotte moved to accept Columbus, Ohio as the location in 2001. Marge Chilson seconded. Motion passed.

    Fred Corey suggested a 2002 meeting in Rhode Island. A discussion open on the question of who would host it. Suggested that possibly it could be Patricia Hyatt, the President of the Rhode Island Genealogical Society, who is also a Cory Society member. Art said that the Executive Committee would look into this idea.


    Art proposed that Fred Corey be nominated for the office of President. Fred had previously agreed to accept this nomination. Marge Chilson made motion. Charlotte Muller seconded. Passed.

    Art moved to combine the offices of Webmaster (an appointed office) and the Vice-President. There was no second for the motion.

    A motion was made to elect Earl the Vice-President. Discussion on whether office of Vice President/Webmaster be permanent change or should these be separate offices? No motion, but all agreed that the two offices be kept separate.

    Ruth Sanders moved to appoint Earl Cory Vice President. Motion passed.

    Galen Moore moved to approve Carolyn Corey as secretary. Passed.


    Discussion of the function of the 2nd Vice-President. No conclusion reached.
    (The Vice-Presidents were not in attendance at this meeting.)

    Maxine Hester (not in attendance) will continue as treasurer.

    Motion to re-elect the two Vice-Presidents for one more year. Fred Corey suggested amending this motion to ask their approval since neither was present. Earl Cory seconded the motion. Passed.

    Motion to thank Galen Moore for hosting this meeting.

    Suggestion made that individual members make reservations ahead of time so that the host will have a known number for tour planning.

    Web site report by Earl Cory.
    He has paid $35/year for the domain name and yearly wholesale charge of $48 totaling $83. Galen Moore made motion to reimburse Earl for his actual costs. Marge Chilson seconded motion. Passed.

    Earl gave detailed report on recent additions to the web site and suggestions for future changes. Some of these ideas are:

    1. GEDCOM format databases for downloading,
    2. Getting permission to put on-line a picture of John's house owned by RI Genealogical Society,
    3. POP3 Email account for officers who want one. Automatically forwarding of email to officers own accounts
    4. Tips on research
    5. More articles
    6. More census years
    7. Copy of Constitution and By-Laws
    8. Minutes of meeting
    9. Paid membership list.

    Latter gave rise to discussion on should this list be made publicly available? Charlotte objected. Suggestion put forth that only names and email address be listed, plus possible the family branch.

    Question was also raised on definition of lifetime members. These members are honorary and voted on.

    Charlotte moved to unfinished business of designating Marge Chilson a lifetime member. She was approved in California in 1998 but her membership was not changed. Motion was seconded. Passed.

    Discussion started by Fred Corey on the size of records and archives of the society. Charlotte commented on the importance of the permanence of these records.


    Galen Moore moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded. Passed. Meeting adjourned at 11:30 am.