All dates used in genealogy are usually in the form of dd-mmm-yyyy. By placing them in this format, the ambiguity caused by dates such as 10,1,11 can be avoided. This date could be interpreted as 10-Jan-1911, 1-Oct-1911, or even 11-Jan-1910.

The early sections of our genealogies take place before the calendar reform of 1752. In England and her colonies, the Julian Calendar was retained until 3-Sep-1752, when the Gregorian Calendar was adopted by an Act of Parliament. An account of these calendars, and the reason for change of the one for the other, may be found in various works, therefore, I have omitted any further explanation. I have inserted dates as they are found in the records, without altering them to correspond to the Gregorian Calendar. The Roman names of the months have been adopted, instead of the numerals, which were generally used by the Puritans. For example, Giles Cory's daughter Deliverance was born 5 VI 1658, which is the sixth month in the year 1658.

According to the English version of the Julian Calendar, the year began March 25th, and the same days, between Jan. 1 and March 25th, belonged to different years in the "Old" and "New Styles". This caused the months, January, February, and March to be double dated. This double dating is found on many pages, thus: 8-Jan-1675/6, indicates the year 1675, O.S., or 1676, N.S. Previous to 1648, the year was considered as beginning on the 1st of March, but not after that date. February was still month 12, and "even 24 March was in the old year, although the month, by anticipation of day 25," was "moneth 1." The "Old Style" referred to above is the English version and is not the same as that used in other countries that converted to the Georgian calendar at an earlier time. Therefore, Deliverance Cory birth date of 5 VI 1658 then translates to 5-Aug-1658, not 5 Jun 1658 as if often quoted.

In order to make the dates previous to 1752 correspond to Gregorian dates, it is necessary to add 11 days to dates between 1600 and 1700, and 12 days to the dates between 1700 and 1752. Thus, the Arbella arrived at Salem, June 12th, 1630 O.S., which (adding 11) would be June 23rd, N.S. Watertown Church was organized, July 28, 1630, O.S., which would be August 8th, N.S. Weston was incorporated January 1, 1712, O.S., which (adding 12) would be January 13th, N.S.

We have aimed at exactness in dates; but, to our regret, some mistakes are present which are attributable to typographical errors, to oversight in repeated transcriptions, or to the difficulty in some instances of deciphering a bad chirography. Where different dates are given by different sources (sometimes even the same source), each has been listed.