A report by Thomas Corey
February 6, 2014

Thomas CoreyI have been updating the Family Tree DNA web site. I have separated the individuals by the Haplogroups, and possible matches to a known ancestral line. If the individual did not have a Cory or variant surname they were removed from the public view.

Everett Curry appears to have a DNA genetic link to Alan Corey, they have an I1 Haplogroup consistent with being descended from Thomas of Chelmsford. My test results will not be available until early in March, they will be posted when I receive them.

I have had an individual request a DNA test by using general fund money. One thousand dollars isn't very much, so I plan on adding to the fund as I can to help build it up for DNA testing for those that can't afford it. In the case of general fund money being used for testing, I request it be Cory/Corey surnamed males only. I would like for someone to volunteer to be a co-administrator for this project as well. This is not a hard job, and there are videos to help you with administration of the site.

Another item to note is the public view part of the site will not allow you to make DNA comparisons. At this time only the administrator can do this.

Ysearch is the free public site set up by Family Tree DNA. A search can be done by surname on this site. If the person that was tested at Family Tree DNA uploaded his DNA results to Ysearch a comparison can be done at that site. If you need help transferring to Ysearch, let me know and I will walk you through the steps to do this.

At this time your pedigree, or ancestral tree can not be uploaded to Ysearch, they have a program problem and are working on it.

Another item to note, I do have all of the original tests from Relative Genetics. They have been entered into an Excel file and separated by Haplogroup. I will post them to the Ysearch surname group as time permits.

Family Tree DNA is at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/CoryorCorey/

Ysearch Corey is at http://www.ysearch.org/alphalist_lastname.asp?uid=&region=&letter=C&searchtype=exact&lastname=Corey

Ysearch Cory is at http://www.ysearch.org/alphalist_lastname.asp?uid=&region=&letter=C&searchtype=exact&lastname=Cory

Be sure and look at both variants at Ysearch