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The Cory Family Society welcomes inquires/corrections. When sending inquires, please indicate which branch of the family you are inquiring about.


This page has been set up for Cory researchers and lists, not only their resources, but several other, online, ones.  Most Cory researchers are happy to help others.

We welcome other people who have resources to share to send their name, email, and a brief statement to

Thomas E Corey - Genealogist:

I have an extensive library of books and CD's for the early New England states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I would be willing to do lookups and scans for whoever needed the information.

Thomas E Corey - DNA Project Coordinator:

A project was undertaken by the Cory Family Society to determine the genetic relationships between Cory/Corey family lines in North America and Britain by analyzing Y-chromosome markers. We wished to learn whether or not the progenitors: William of Portsmouth, John of Long Island, and Thomas of Chelmsford were genetically related. Each had arrived in America during the period 1635-1645. We also wished to learn where in Britain the progenitors lived before arriving in America, and to what current Cory lines in Britain they might be related.
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In addition, there are several places to post inquires on the GenForum web site:

Several members of the society monitor these sites and help provide answers.


The following web sites are also valuable resources for general genealogical research.