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This page has been set up for Cory researchers and lists, not only their resources, but several other, online, ones.  Most Cory researchers are happy to help others.

We welcome other people who have resources to share to send their name, email, and a brief statement to

Thomas E Corey - Genealogist:

I have an extensive library of books and CD's for the early New England states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I would be willing to do lookups and scans for whoever needed the information.

Thomas E Corey - DNA Project Coordinator:

A project was undertaken by the Cory Family Society to determine the genetic relationships between Cory/Corey family lines in North America and Britain by analyzing Y-chromosome markers. We wished to learn whether or not the progenitors: William of Portsmouth, John of Long Island, and Thomas of Chelmsford were genetically related. Each had arrived in America during the period 1635-1645. We also wished to learn where in Britain the progenitors lived before arriving in America, and to what current Cory lines in Britain they might be related.
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In addition, there are several places to post inquires on the GenForum web site:

Several members of the society monitor these sites and help provide answers.


The following web sites are also valuable resources for general genealogical research. Several commercial sites require a paid membership for full access.

Genealogy Software

When you are first beginning to research your family tree, it seems easy enough to remember who you are researching and what you have accomplished. However, quickly you discover that you have a number of individuals and are beginning to compile a list of research tasks that you need to accomplish. At first, using online storage, such as Ancestry or MyHeritage seems like a good place to keep data, but before you get too many names and records, you will want to consider acquiring a genealogy software package.

It is vital to keep great records and to prove sources. It is also important to share our findings with others. That is easy using the Family Tree on FamilySearch, Find A Grave, WikiTree and Ancestry trees. With so many different people contributing information to our families, it is best to have a place where the research you do can be preserved. Having your own database gives you a stable foundation to evaluate new and contradicting information.

There are about 12 major software packages for genealogy research. One important consideration, especially if you have gone the route of using online storage/sharing, is considering using a package that interfaces with that resource. Legacy (LFT) and RootsMagic (RM) interface with several online resources. A comparison has been published showing the pros and cons of each. In addition there is a published review of FTM, LFT, and RM.

Note: of the following packages, most of the software available for Mac and Linux use a Windows emulator such as wine with varied results.  The native Mac packages tend to be considerably more expensive.

The following are the top five genealogy software packages rated by SmarterHobby and the top 10 rated by TopTenReviews

  • Family Tree Maker (5 stars #1 and 6.5 #6 - Win/Mac - $79.95 to $99.95 - No free trial)
    Best all-around, most collaborative, also tends to be the most expensive genealogy software. The data entry is very efficient. It doesn’t provide research hints. Family Tree Maker is one of the best all-around genealogy software programs available, striking a balance among ease of use, chart quality and scrapbooking. The interface is among the best designed and most efficient TopTen reviewed. Family Tree Maker is missing a few key features, such as warnings and hints, but it’s otherwise it’s a great program for recording and telling your family’s story.

  • RootsMagic (4.5 stars #2 and 7.1 #4 - Win/Mac - Free Essentials and Full - $29.95)
    Most popular with genealogist. Compared to other programs, RootsMagic does not have as many charts available, but it has extensive options for creating every sort of report you're ever likely to want. The program is FamilySearch certified, letting you import data directly from one of the biggest databases available. RootsMagic is well-designed genealogy software with solid data management tools. There is also, intergration with alowing you to transfer data in both directions from an Ancestry Tree. The research hints and the compatibility with are its best traits, but the interface has also above-average ease of use. The charting options are few and the quality is disappointing, but the number of report styles is impressive.

  • Legacy Family Tree (4 stars #3 and 8.1 #2 - Win - Free and  Deluxe -$34.95 to $79.95)
    Good all-around, best report charts, but does yet not support same-sex marriages. Legacy Family Tree’s interface is dated but effective. Not only is this one of the easiest genealogy programs to use, but it imported the test GEDCOM files with perfect accuracy. While the chart options are many and the controls are excellent, the quality of the charts themselves is just average. That said, this program TopTens pick for best value because it performs similarly to the best overall genealogy software program at a lower price.

  • Family Tree Builder (4 stars #4 - Win/Mac - Free )
    Best for getting started, free to use. It does not support same-sex marriages and is the only one of the top five picks that does not include an in-app browser.

  • Family Historian (3.5 stars #5 and 8.68 #1 - Win - Free 30 day trial - $49.95)
    Easiest for beginners. It does not offer any support for DNA results at this point and it does not include direct linking with Ancestry or FamilySearch. After a week of research and testing, TopTen ranked Family Historian as the best ancestry software overall because of its combination of GEDCOM accuracy, ease of use, charting capabilities and data management. This program has the most efficient data entry process, and its interface has the shortest learning curve. The software is ideal for novice family historians and expert genealogists alike.

  • Heredis (7.9 #3 - Win - Free Trial - $39.90, Mac - $59.99)
    The charting capabilities are the best available. Heredis was the only program to fail to import a GEDCOM file in testing. If you’re looking for a family tree to print and frame or you want to make a book of family stories and memories, Heredis 2018 is your best bet. The charting and reporting options beat out other programs in both variety and style. The interface and data entry are among the best designed, but the GEDCOM accuracy was disappointing, considering the tool failed to import one of the records.

  • Branches (6.7 #5 - Win - Free 30 day trial - $14.99, Mac - $29.99)
    It’s the most affordable ancestry program in the lineup, but tt performed poorly in tests. Every aspect of Branches received a C grade in TopTen tests. The software’s GEDCOM performance was the least accurate of the programs tested. Its overall ease of use was neither agile nor efficient, making it a poor option if you spend hours at a time working on genealogy.

  • Ancestral Quest (6.4 #7 - Win/Mac - Free Basic and Full - $29.95)
    Ancestral Quest has above-average data management tools, making it great for genealogists with large records, but the tested GEDCOM accuracy was just average, and the chart quality is poor.

  • Reunion (5.9 #8 - Mac - Free demo mode - $99.00)
    Reunion is an excellent tool for genealogists, but the lack of a Windows version limits its overall value. Reunion 12 didn’t produce impressive results in the GEDCOM accuracy tests, but it’s still one of the best available family tree builders. The interface is intuitive, the data entry is efficient and the charting capabilities are among the best offered. A significant knock against this genealogy software is its Mac-only compatibility.

  • Brother's Keeper (5.7 #9  - Win - Free Basic and Full - $45.00)
    Brother’s Keeper is solid family tree organizer, but it’s frustrating to navigate, and data entry is not efficient. The interface of Brother’s Keeper is dated and often frustrating to use. The learning curve is significant, but it includes practical features. You can create an array of charts and reports about your family history, but you may want to use a different program to improve the look of your charts if you plan to give them as gifts or heirlooms.

  • Family Tree Heritage Platinum (5.6 #10 - Win -$39.99)
    Family Tree Heritage Platinum has some excellent research tools, and data management tools are good, but the charting capabilities don’t match up with better programs. Family Tree Heritage Platinum is a family history program that makes a good first impression and thus might appeal to novice genealogists, but it’s not nearly as agile and efficient as other programs. The GEDCOM accuracy was disappointing, as was the chart quality. The excellent research tools, however, automatically provide hints to online databases.

Other Packages

These packages have not been selected for review.  The various websites will give the features.  Some are European packages. For Mac, Linux, and Unix users, some of these packages might be worth considering.

Related Software

  • Family Reunion Organizer (Win - $29.95)
    Guides you from start to finish to plan get-togethers. Organize your guest list, finances, schedule, and assignments. It even has ideas to keep guests of all ages entertained.

  • Personal Historian (Win/Mac - Free Essentials and Full - $29.95)
    Helps you write the story of your life and of other individuals. It breaks this seemingly monumental task into small, manageable pieces and then reconstructs it into a complete, publishable document.

  • Family Atlas (Win/Max - $29.95)
    Used to map your family history. Trace your ancestors migration around the world and pinpoint the sites of important family events. Import your family data directly from your genealogy software, then create and print personalized family maps.