Several members of both The Cory Family Society and The Cory Society have published books on their research.  The following lists those publications, along with information upon obtaining the publication.

  • The Early History of WILLIAM CORY of Portsmouth, Rhode Island
    and his Descendants FAMILY HISTORY
    by Charlotte Muller

    This book contains material not previously published on the William Cory/Corey Family.   It includes transcriptions of early papers, maps, wills, deeds, pictures, houses, and documented stories. 

    It is available for download here in PDF format.

    To order a bound copy, send a check in the amount of $13.00 to:

    Carolyn Corey
    Four Winds Trading Post
    P.O. Box 580
    St. Ignatius, MT 59865
  • The English Corys - Their History and Distribution
    by Michael & Vernon Cory

    The English Corys are covered in depth in several publications and research papers of the Cory Society in the UK. The monumental work of Michael and Vernon Cory in The English Corys, published by the Cory Society and available on their website, gives a complete overview of the various Cory families found in England, Scotland, Wales, and their descendants in the Americas, South  Africa, Australia and New Zealand. They also have several other publications and white papers that update and expand upon The English Corys.

  • In a Land not Sown, The Life and Times of Jeremiah William Cory, Sr. 1793-1860
    by David A. Cory, M.D.

    While focusing on Jeremiah William Cory of the seventh American generation, the book also includes a discussion of the ancestry of Jeremiah--John1, John2, John3, Elnathon4, Ebenezer5, and Elnathan6. There is extensive documentation of known records of John 1 of Long Island.  The books follows Jeremiah across America from his birth in Western Pennsylvania to establishing a large family in Pickaway Country, Ohio, to northern Indiana and finally to central Iowa.  There are no more copies available, but the online version is available by clicking here.

  • Corys of America, Second Edition
    by Al B. Cory

    Is now available online

    Genealogical records assembled in the register format.  Consists of two Volumes containing five books, indexed. These books are the result of many years the compiler and the gracious input by other Cory-Corey researchers.

    The genealogies described on this site were derived from the databases used to create these books over 20 years ago. The current databases are much more complete and up-to-date. Please contact the and he will create a PDF version of the line that you are interested in and email it to you, free of charge.

    Volume I
    Available Online

    Book I John Cory of Southold, Long Island, New York
    Ca 1640 through 1996. Contains 875 pages, Indexed. 13,149 Names, 4407 Marriages, 3,158 Locations and 14 Generations. The book covers New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, California, Washington and many more states at different time frames.

    Book II..  The Compilers Mother's family.
    Includes Busroe, Downs, Willis, Witten, Cain, Philips and many more. Willis from early 1600's, Virginia and Kentucky. Wittens from 1500's, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky. Downs, 1700's Virginia and Kentucky, Busroe 1825 Kentucky. 503 Names and genealogical data.   44 pages, indexed, 503 individuals, 126 marriages, 182 locations, 9 generations.

    Volume II
    Available Online

    Book III  William Cor(e)y of Portsmouth, Rhode Island
    Ca 1640 through 1995.  Contains 603 pages, indexed, 8,847 individuals, 2,994 marriages, 2,252 locations, 12 generations.  The book starts in Portsmouth, Rhode Island with reference to England, Williams birth place.  It continues throughout the United States with his descendants.

    Book IV Thomas Cor(e)y of Chelmsford, Massachusetts
    Ca 1700s through 1995.  There are 91 pages, 3,640 names, 478 marriages, 484 locations, and 12 generations of descendants.

    Book V Cor(e)y Progenitors
    Progenitors who could not be linked in the books above.  Starts ca 1600s. There are 109 pages, 1,955 individuals, 726 marriages, 876 locations, 14 generations. Giles Cory, the martyr of the Salem Witch Trials is included in this section.

    Price Second Edition: Each Volume is $35.00, Both Volumes $65.00, Postage Paid.

    First Edition:
    Available online.

    Same Progenitors, less information.