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Some hints to help those coming from a distance.

The Holiday Inn at Boardmann, is located on Route 224 and South Ave.  If you come in on the Ohio Turnpike, it is the last exit before crossing over into Pennsylvania, the North Lima exit.

To reach the Holiday Inn:

There are other motels in the area. Holiday Inn runs around $82.00 a day. 2 persons 2 beds.

The Holiday Inn at Beaver Falls, PA. is located on Route 18 just north of Exit #2 on the Penn Turnpike.  The AAA lists price as $94.00-$104.00.

They are both nice, but the Beaver Falls area is in a quieter more rural setting .

There are some other motels in the area of both Holiday Inns.

From the Pittsburg Airport

The Holiday Inn is a short distance up the road on the left.

Car Rental

You can rent a car at the airport across from the baggage claim area. You will need to make reservations for cars. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from the airport to the Beaver Valley Holiday Inn.

The Phone number for Avis is 1-800-331-1212 and Hertz 1-800- 654- 3131

Avis said they give special rates if 5 or more people want to rent 5 or more cars. Call me , or get in touch with others coming. Hertz may do the same thing. Make Hotel, and Car reservations right away if you plan to come.

From the Motels or Turnpikes to the reunion

From the Ohio Turnpike

From the Pennsylvania Turnpike or Holiday Inn at Beaver Falls, PA.

If you come from area around here: